4 Clubs Golf Challenge

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Date: January 5, 2018 (Friday) | Time: 6:30 am (registration) 7:30am (shot gun) | Venue: Wack-Wack Golf & Country Club

The 1st PHILCONSTRUCT 4-Clubs Golf Challenge is a strategy game using 4 clubs to play throughout 18 holes. Course layout and distance are the significant elements you should study before choosing your clubs. A player is only allowed to bring its 4 selected clubs to the course. Otherwise, the player shall be automatically disqualified from any awards.

Which “4 Clubs” will you bring to the course?

1)   CONFIDENCE: Select any 4 clubs from your bag according to your strategy plan.

2)   CARRY: Ensure that 4 clubs are able to reach all Par 3, and make 18-holes regular on.

3)   CAPABILITY: Recommend to use clubs that can be used for both tee off and on fairway.

4)   CHOICES: Putter is not a must if you can use other club to putt.

Rules of the Fun Golf

  • EXCLUSIVITY – Tournament is only open to PHILCONSTRUCT & HVAC/R exhibitors, members of PCA and its affiliates such as CCA, DCACI, PSVARE, ACEL, PEECC Board of trustees
  • TEAM –  One team shall be composed of four (4) players with the three (3) lowest score to count for the Corporate Cup
  • ELIGIBILITY – Payment must be received prior to tournament for your company to qualify
  • CLASSIFICATION – System 36 (4 holes from both front & back nine will be randomly selected to serve as handicap for each player)
  • PARINGS – in random with no two (2) players from the same team will be on the same flight

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